IOI Rules

IOI Rules

The current version of the IOI Regulations was approved by the General Assembly in Kazan, Russian Federation at IOI 2016. Click here to Download the comprehensive document.


  • For the IOI, a Country is a state that has an officially recognised relationship with the United Nations, UNESCO, or which has already taken part in one or more past IOIs.
  • The organisation of the IOI in year n is the responsibility of the Host Country for IOI’n. A Host Country consists of the responsible Ministry(ies), Institution(s), and/or Corporation(s) in that Country.
  • Each participating Country is represented by a National Delegation; all members of a National Delegation represent one Country. A National Delegation is headed by a Delegation Leader, includes a team of one to four Contestants and, if there is more than one Contestant, may include a Deputy Leader.
  • The Deputy Leader can act as a replacement for the Delegation Leader in all situations and may assist their Delegation Leader in all their duties.
  • A Contestant is a student who was enrolled at a school for secondary education, in the Country they are representing, during the period September to December in the year before IOI’n, and is not older than twenty years on the 1st of July of the year of IOI’n. Students who are studying abroad may represent the Country of their nationality.